Registration system for the BMW Group

Dego Interactive has developed the registration and authorisation system for the BMW Group and BMW VIP Lounge 2012 Moscow International Motor show stand presentation.

Our duties included design as well as front end and back end programming. The whole project consisted of the following parts: creating a user friendly online registration system allowing the visitors to sign-up for the BMW stand attendance having chosen the most convenient timing for that. The second task involved creating an iPad application, which would facilitate the work of the BMW staff on the spot and allow them to quickly and easily register the arriving guests.
In addition to the above mentioned the i8 and the Mini stands were equipped with automated “photo-booths” taking pictures of the guests throughout the whole event with an option to get the photos by e-mail or post them directly to Facebook.

We are proud to conclude that the job on the project has met the high expectations and requirement standards of the BMW Group Russia.