Promotional website development in support of the “Choose your trail” campaign
We have developed this specialized website for the professional sports goods manufacturer Salomon. It is aimed at promoting trail-running among amateurs and professional. The site has the Movescount tracking system integrated into it.
Anyone who is fond of running could take part in the competition. In order to it one had to go throug a sipmle registration procedure combined with such social networks as Facebook, Vkontakte and Twitter. This included taking a 3 km run in less than 10 while using the Movescount app or the Suunto watches and tagging the run #salomonrunning.
Fifteen participants who had completed the initial conditions and got the most votes on the site passed to the next stage where three teams of five people were formed for further competition. Each team was headed by a professional athlete from Salomon.
The routes for the quests had been modelled by the audience by means of the online voting. According to the results of five quests the winning team got the chance to go for a run to the city of their dream!