Choosing the best taste
Website and YouTube gadget development for Lay’s potato chips brand as part of the Best taste campaign.
All together!
All the users had the opportunity to register at the website using the social network account (Facebook, Vkontakte, Одноклассники) and take part at the vote and choose their favorite flavor.
Lays site view
Vote and become a millionaire!
Pick a number or take the chance
Everyone had the chance to win a considerable money prize by means of placing a bid manually or automatically on how many votes will the winning flavor get. The participant who picks the closest number wins a million rubles plus one ruble for each vote for the winner.
Call the train Show the Lay’s team your talents
Lay’s train has been travelling around Russia for ten days and has visited the major cities. It has given the opportunity to get acquainted with new tastes and make ones votes. It was possible to follow the events as well as the path of the train on the website map.
Rate the talents
and add votes!
The results of the votes have been grouped by means GeoIP so that the users could see which flavor is the leading one in which region. Apart from the votes it was possible to download videos and photos in support of one’s favorite flavor (YouTube, Vine, Coub).
After moderation the content became available for voting among the other users.