Advertising campaign «Discover the real passion with Durex» promo site development

The site allows you to create a short video message based on DUREX TV commercials’ plots. Insert photos of your beloved into the video by downloading them from the social network profile. At the time of viewing the message the object of your passion receives a text with declaration of love.

Durex site view
Creating a message of passion requires just a few steps.
Durex site view
Select a scene from one of the video clips. Select the message recipient. This forms the fragments for further customization.
At certain point of viewing the video, the recipient is sent an SMS.
It is possible to watch and send the produced video as well as download it to a device.
Durex site view
Within the project we have implemented a complex server query processing and video clip generator on the basis of customized user information. The generator load is scalable and distributed on multiple servers.