Amstel Premium Pilsener
«Little Amsterdam»
In cooperation with creative agency Red Keds we have developed an interactive terminal and a social network application “Little Amsterdam”.
«Little Amsterdam» — is a virtual city that offers its citizenship to all of the Facebook users, creating a community of socially active people with common interests such as Amsterdam culture and history, travelling, adventures, as well as all kinds of quizzes and ,of course, beer.
In this project we were responsible for “lightening up” the design as well as the back end programing of the Facebook application and interactive terminal application. The whole scheme works as follows: users communicate virtually, take part in quizzes and competitions. Each user becomes a resident of some certain district of the city by means of online registration or at one of the terminals located in bars all around Moscow and St. Petersburg. Each terminal actual location corresponds to some district of the virtual city.
Terminals provide an option to either register or authorise or program your entry-card (the pass to the business center) to serve as the key the little Amsterdam. To activate the card hold it to the RFID reader terminal in the bar. The operation is absolutely safe, data protection guaranteed. Each check-in at one of the terminals gives the user extra points. Collected points can later be exchanged for Amstel Premium Pilsner beer free of charge.